:: Rules & Regulations ::

  • Rules For Attendance :
    1. 75% attendance is compulsory for all periods - optional and compulsory and for physical education and N. S. S.
    2. The students, not fulfilling the condition of 75% attendance, will be considered disqualified for University/Board Examination and their permission will be rejected and also scholarship and any other facilities.

  • Instructions for Enrolled Students :
    1. All enrolled students must strictly follow library rules displayed on library notice board.
    2. It is compulsory to attend & pass all units tests & annual test exam with minimum passing marks.
    3. Do not invite or accompany outsiders in the college campus without the prior permission of the principal.
    4. The college campus, college building, grounds, garden etc. should be kept clean & beautiful.
    5. Attend all the academic activities & N.S.S. activities timely conducted by the college.
    6. Any document through the office will be issued generally after three days of student's application.
    7. Duplicate copy of any document shall be issued by submitting a affidavit, and by paying necessary fee
    8. It is compulsory to attend the college in time for the Flag Hoisting on 15th August& 26th January.
    9. It is compulsory to submit in the office the due certificate of village Sarpanch / authority for bus-pass.
    10. Don't flash or publish the news or any information related to college in any newspaper or anywhere without the prior-permission of the Principal.
    11. Student council shall be elected as per University Rules.
    12. College gathering shall be celebrated as per the time-table and rules decided by the college.
    13. To form any organization, conduct meetings, to call on meetings or to address the students without Principal's prior and special permission, shall be treated as legal offence.
    14. Do not bring, keep or assist the bearer of weapons explosive, chemicals, intoxicants, cigarettes and tobacco or such things in the college campus.
    15. Don't misbehave with the students, non-teaching staff, Teachers, Principal or any other person in the college campus.
    16. The following documents should be submitted to get duplicate Transfer certificate.
      • News of any newspaper about missing of your Transfer certificate.
      • Registration of your complaint about missing of your Transfer certificate and report of police enquiry.
      • Affidavit.
      • Necessary fee according to the circumstances.

  • Rules For G.O.I. Scholarship and Other Facilities :
    1. All the scholarship holders and the students taking advantage of Economical facilities should submit all necessary certificates and information along with the application form in the office before 10th August. Application after the date shall not be considered.
    2. Do take the receipt of submission of scholarship form. No complaint will be entertained without receipt.
    3. Scholarship holders have to open account in bank of Maharastra, branch Mangrulpir, and have to submit the account number to the college office.
    4. Scholarship will be directly in the transfer account of student through the office.
    5. Students taking fresh admission in the college should submit the District Transfer Certificates of necessary and the last scholarship sanctioned number. Without it the next scholarship installment shall not be issued. 75% attendance in each every subject is must for receiving scholarship.

  • Rules for Vehicle-Stand :
    1. Only college student are allowed to use the vehicle stand.
    2. Facility of vehicle stand will be given only after paying necessary fee.
    3. College Identity card is necessary to use the vehicle stand.
    4. Park your cycles / vehicles at the place allotted by the college otherwise you will be fined.
    5. Vehicle placed at cycle stand must have locked; otherwise college shall not be responsible.
    6. Action will be taken against such students who use the cycle stand without paying its fee.

  • Legal Action and Punishment :
    The student will be subject to one or more than one legal action if the students Code of the Conduct and Discipline, Rules and Regulation and college discipline is breached.
    • To warn the students strictly so that repetition of any illegal action may be avoided.
    • To charge the fine decided by college.
    • To prohibit from taking use of Health Club Library and other facilities.
    • To cancel the benefits like scholarship, other Economical facilities.
    • To cancel the academic session.
    • To hold and cancel the admission form of University / Board Exams
    • To cancel the admission.
      • By canceling the admission to prohibit from future admission.
      • To confiscate the fees.
    • To take necessary caution by observing the seriousness of illegal deeds.